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America's Only Rock & Roll, Sports Talk Show

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Pudge Nation Facebook Live Stream

One Nation Under Pudge

Pudge Nation fuses sports, news & entertainment laid into a thoughtfully hand-picked soundtrack. 

The show is broadcast live on sportSRadio Corpus Christi and hosted by the one and only, Michael Aradillas aka Pudge. 

He keeps you up-to-date with on current events, scores and offers nuggets of knowledge based on his own wild ride of a life.

Funny, entertaining & sometimes controversial, but the one thing that makes this show that he has an open-door policy for all & any who would like to express their opinion...even if he doesn't agree with the stance. 

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Lastest Buzz 

Erroneous accusations against Sean Strawbridge, CEO of the Port of Corpus Christi, led to his resignation. Mr. Strawbridge shares his side of the story and provides the status on the accomplishments of the Port of Corpus Christi.

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